Operations / Administrative Services

  • Inquiries receive a response within one business day and are entered in our fully integrated system
  • Customer Care Staff available to answer calls and emails M-F from 8:30-5; 24/7 emergency assistance from CMA (not an answering service)
  • Association historical records are maintained electronically (i.e. monthly financials, large projects, ACC, delinquency and violations)
  • Monthly common area inspections conducted by manager plus compliance drives monthly (twice monthly in the growing season)
  • Board and ACC system training for every new board or ACC member
  • RFP’s for regular services such as landscape maintenance are included in our standard service
  • Board and Annual Meeting preparation and attendance (in person or virtual)
  • Fully integrated system – regardless of what device you use through the app, or desktop – it’s a one stop shop!

Online Services

Introducing our mobile app for easy access to the following: 

  • Check your account balance and manage payments
  • Check status of or request a modification, violation and maintenance work order
  • Review the association calendar and association documents
  • Board view of violation and ACC status; financials, delinquency, and project status

Financial Services

The financial report is prepared following GAAP standards by the assigned Accountant and reviewed by the Manager and in-house auditor to ensure accurate monthly financials. The manager also supplies a variance report.

  • Monthly Financials
  • Process Assessments Payments
  • Accounting Reconciliation & Balancing
  • Invoice & Reimbursement Payments
  • Collection & Delinquency Reporting
  • Budget Preparation
  • Coordination of Tax Returns & Filings

Lifestyle Services

Make Some joyful memories!

We help residents of all ages in your community connect through fun-filled events.  Highlights of this optional service:

  • Worry-Free Oversight
  • Customized Programming and Planning
  • Event Vendor Network Available
  • Event Communication to Spread the Word
  • We work directly with designated owner volunteers/committees and/or board
  • Well-organized and welcoming
  • Over two decades of event management